The Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride

HDLC also offers the option of a “Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride“. This classroom model follows the same methodology as “The Battlefield Leadership Staff Ride”, but instead of traveling to a battlefield site, the facilitators will have the battlefield replicated with the help of virtual terrain, maps, PowerPoint slides, film and pictures.

The virtual classroom model facilitates the same great discussion as on the battlefield. The time needed to successfully facilitate such a “Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride” ranges between four to eight hours, depending on the battle and objectives discussed. Additional options such as targeted work assignments and problem-solving exercises can be added if the client wishes to deepen the understanding of the case study and to give the participants more time to properly reflect upon the classroom discussions.

A “Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride” is a highly cost-effective, but yet an impactful way to deliver the same leadership concepts and principles as discussed during our traditional staff rides on the battlefield. Our team of facilitators will travel to you and conduct the program either at your organization’s location or at some other venue to your liking which keeps travel costs to an absolute minimum. The “Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride” is a great tool for management to focus on their organizations’ specific needs and to identify potential shortcomings. The open discussion between subordinates and management during the structured facilitation portion provides an opportunity to explore your organizations culture, deficiencies, and insights like you have never experienced before.