The Executive Staff Ride

Test your Strategic IQ on the battlefield!

HDLC partners with Maranville Enterprises to offer you The Executive Staff Ride. Leaders know the difference between tactics and strategy. Executive Staff Rides will take your C-Suite Executives and Board Members to historical battlefields where they will learn principles of leadership and strategy. These expeditions are not battlefield tours or reenactments

Executive Staff Rides delivers an authentic military staff ride experience in which your corporation’s senior executives will learn the history of a military encounter, study the leaders responsible for executing the campaign, study the principles of strategy employed during that campaign, and translate these lessons into contemporary issues of strategic management and corporate governance

Every battlefield has its own historical context; its leaders have individual leadership styles and strategic maneuvers. Consequently, the lessons drawn from every battlefield are different. Guided by experts with extensive backgrounds in Military History and business strategy, C-Suite Executives will be inspired with fresh and bold strategic thinking

Executive Staff Rides has currently two staff rides planned for the Battle of Gettysburg in April and in September of 2018. We invite you to join this staff ride in which executives from non-competing companies will join forces for an in-depth study of leadership and strategy

Executive Staff Rides can also customize a staff ride specifically for your Senior Management Team and/or Board of Directors. Contact us to start the planning process.


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