Leadership Programs

HDLC develops unique and customizable leadership development seminars to address your specific needs and leadership objectives. The various seminars are designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership and to accelerate behavioral change within your organization and your management team. We design our seminars to be relevant to your organization’s leadership training and organizational development programs and we can complement the curriculum of your professional development program or serve as a team building event for your staff.

Our programs vary from one to five days in length and we offer a variety of different venues to choose from depending on your needs. We offer “The Executive Staff Ride” specifically designed for the Senior Executives of your organization; The Battlefield Leadership Staff Ride for your Senior Managers; and “The Virtual Battlefield Staff Ride” for your Middle Managers.

All of our programs are based on the effective “Staff Ride” concept and focus on the timeless and universal aspects of leadership. Military history is used as a metaphor to examine and learn about contemporary business leadership practices. Insights are gained through vignettes, discussion, and analysis and invariably bring out the human dimension of battlefield success or failure from which we draw parallels to the business world. The participants will visit the actual ground where a battle was fought and examine and discuss the reasons for decisions made by the commanders and their outcomes. The study of leadership aspects in a staff ride transcend time, place, and organization.

After discussing your organizational needs in regards to leadership objectives, length of program, and geographic constraints, we will propose specific battles that are custom-tailored to your needs. The proposed program will be highly relevant and situational to your organization in order to gain the most out of it.

Some of our typical educational objectives explored are:

  • Maintaining strategic focus, perspective and organizational readiness for execution
  • Assessing the role of organizational culture
  • Building and sustaining successful teams
  • Communicating and understanding intent; establishing expectations and organizational alignment
  • Creating conditions for success
  • Developing mutual trust
  • Making decisions under pressure
  • Managing risk
  • Leveraging resources for effective execution
  • Gaining the initiative
  • Capitalizing on momentum and opportunities
  • Understanding the impact of chance and the unexpected
  • Inspiring others to action
  • Understanding the role of people at every level in an organization and the relative power of individual leaders
  • Maintaining order through chaos in the “fog of war”
  • Developing and using critical and creative thinking on your team
  • Leveraging the power of technological change
  • Allowing disciplined initiative
  • Planning succession
  • Driving execution and results in a fluid environment
  • Shaping the future as a leader
  • Conducting effective After Action Reviews
  • Developing and instituting Lessons Learned Programs

Take a look at our venues and contact us so that we can discuss your objectives and needs in detail. We are here for all your leadership development needs and we are looking forward to hear from you!

“The price of leadership is unceasing effort; we cannot get smug and self-satisfied, we must always keep learning, we must keep improving our methods, our organization, if we are to retain our leadership.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -President of Sears (Brigadier General) Robert Wood